Paige and Microsoft Join Forces in the Fight Against Cancer with AI

Cancer continues to be a formidable adversary in the realm of healthcare, but the battle against it has just received a powerful boost. Paige, a leading innovator in healthcare technology, has teamed up with tech giant Microsoft to embark on an ambitious project: creating the world’s largest image-based artificial intelligence (AI) model to revolutionize cancer diagnosis and patient care.

The partnership brings together Paige’s extensive expertise in digital pathology and clinical AI with Microsoft’s cutting-edge research and robust cloud infrastructure. Together, they’re developing an AI model that’s set to be orders of magnitude larger than any existing image-based AI model. This behemoth of an AI will be configured with billions of parameters, allowing it to capture the intricate nuances of cancer. It’s destined to serve as the foundation for a new generation of clinical applications and computational biomarkers that will push the boundaries of oncology and pathology.

The journey began with Paige developing the first Large Foundation Model, which used over one billion images from half a million pathology slides covering various types of cancer. Now, with Microsoft’s support, they’re taking a giant leap forward. This next phase involves incorporating up to four million digitized microscopy slides, spanning multiple cancer types, from Paige’s extensive petabyte-scale clinical data archive.

The supercomputing might of Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure will be harnessed to train this AI at an unprecedented scale. The ultimate goal is to deploy this technology in hospitals and laboratories worldwide, using Azure, to revolutionize cancer diagnosis and care.

What makes this collaboration truly groundbreaking is the potential of generative AI on an unprecedented scale. It opens a window into the microscopic world with extraordinary precision, offering higher accuracy and entirely novel capabilities for cancer diagnosis and treatment. As Dr. Thomas Fuchs, Founder and Chief Scientist of Paige, puts it, “It’s a milestone in the history of oncology.”

Incorporating Microsoft’s world-class research and cloud capabilities with Paige’s wealth of knowledge and extensive data resources, this partnership is poised to unlock unprecedented insights into cancer pathology. This AI-powered initiative promises to be a game-changer, advancing healthcare and ultimately improving the lives of millions affected by cancer every day. The power of AI is set to make a significant impact on the field of oncology, enhancing the accuracy of diagnoses and offering novel solutions for better patient care.

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