Karnataka Gets Its First-Ever WhatsApp Chatbot For Snakebite Awareness


Snakebites are a critical public health issue in India, causing nearly 58,000 deaths annually. Karnataka alone reported 6,500 snakebites in 2023, highlighting the urgent need for effective awareness and prevention strategies. In a groundbreaking initiative, the Humane Society International (HSI) India has launched Karnataka’s first-ever WhatsApp chatbot dedicated to snakebite awareness in Mysuru. This innovative tool aims to educate citizens about snakes, dispel myths, and provide vital information on snakebite prevention and first aid.

The Power of Digital Awareness

The WhatsApp chatbot, introduced by HSI India in collaboration with The Liana Trust, is a user-friendly, automated system designed to make snakebite education accessible to everyone. Accessible by scanning a QR code or messaging “Hi” to +91 9154190472, the chatbot provides information in both English and Kannada, ensuring broad reach and comprehension. This initiative is part of a larger effort to foster coexistence with snakes and reduce the incidence of snakebites in Mysuru.

What the Chatbot Offers

1. Snake Species Information: The chatbot provides detailed descriptions and images of snake species commonly found in the local area. This helps users identify snakes accurately and understand their behavior.

2. First Aid for Snakebites: It offers step-by-step first aid instructions for snakebite emergencies, which can be crucial in saving lives. Immediate access to accurate information can make a significant difference in treatment outcomes.

3. Prevention Tips: Users receive practical advice on preventing snakebites, such as wearing protective clothing and avoiding areas where snakes are likely to be found.

4. Myth-Busting: The chatbot addresses common myths and misconceptions about snakes, helping to reduce fear and misinformation that often lead to harmful actions against these reptiles.

The Broader Impact

India accounts for nearly half of the world’s snakebite deaths, a statistic that underscores the severity of the problem. The WhatsApp chatbot aims to reach at least one lakh users in Mysuru this year. By equipping the public with knowledge and practical advice, the initiative seeks to create a more informed and proactive community that can coexist safely with snakes.

Addressing Fear and Misunderstanding

Vinod Krishnan, Human-Wildlife Coexistence Manager at HSI India, emphasizes that snakebite is a mass problem needing a mass solution. Many people harbor an innate fear of snakes due to a lack of meaningful information, leading to unnecessary killing or relocation of these creatures. The chatbot addresses this fear by providing accurate information and encouraging responsible actions when encountering snakes.

Collaborative Efforts in Mysuru

Since 2018, HSI India and The Liana Trust have been actively working in the Mysuru district through ecological studies, social surveys, community outreach, policy reform, and institutional capacity building. The launch of the chatbot represents a significant step forward in these ongoing efforts to enhance human-wildlife coexistence and mitigate the impact of snakebites on communities.

The Need for Continued Education

Snakebite is recognized as a neglected tropical disease by the World Health Organization, affecting the socioeconomics and mental health of those impacted. Effective education and awareness campaigns like the WhatsApp chatbot are essential to addressing this issue at the grassroots level. By providing accessible and reliable information, the chatbot empowers individuals to take informed actions that can prevent snakebites and reduce unnecessary harm to snakes.


Karnataka’s first WhatsApp chatbot for snakebite awareness marks a transformative approach in public health education. By leveraging technology to provide critical information and dispel myths, this initiative sets a new standard for community-based solutions to complex health issues. As more people engage with the chatbot, the hope is to see a significant reduction in snakebite incidents and an increase in safe, informed interactions with snakes.

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