Former BharatPe CPO Ankur Jain develops AI doctor to serve 8 billion people

In January 2024, Ankur Jain, the former Chief Product Officer of BharatPe, co-founded with G V Sanjay Reddy, Chairman of Reddy Ventures. With a vision to transform global healthcare, has quickly become a pioneering force in the field of AI-driven medical solutions. The company’s flagship product, Jivi MedX, has set a new benchmark in healthcare AI, surpassing notable models such as Google’s Med-PaLM 2 and OpenAI’s GPT-4 on the Open Medical LLM Leaderboard.

The Genesis of

Ankur Jain’s transition from fintech to healthcare marks his second entrepreneurial venture. Based on his extensive AI and machine learning background, Jain established to address the pressing need for accessible and comprehensive primary healthcare. Within a few months of its inception, introduced Jivi MedX, a model that has quickly gained recognition for its accuracy and reliability.

Jivi MedX and Beyond

Jivi MedX is the first in a planned series of healthcare models. Future developments include a “model cluster” with specialized models for various medical fields, such as diabetes and ophthalmology. The next anticipated release is a vision model, part of the multimodal MedX suite. These advancements are aimed at providing tailored medical support to diverse healthcare needs.

Ankur Jain’s Vision for Global Health

Jain envisions as an AI medical companion accessible to the entire global population, free of charge. is dedicated to primary healthcare, unlike other AI innovations focused on drug discovery and genomics. This focus aims to provide comprehensive support to both end users and medical professionals, making healthcare more accessible and effective.

Beyond a Chatbot’s AI medical companion is designed to transcend the limitations of traditional chatbots. Incorporating voice capabilities, the model supports communication in native languages, aiming to cover 90% of the global population by addressing the top 25% of world languages. Jain expects these voice capabilities to become mainstream within six months, significantly enhancing the model’s usability and reach.

Navigating Regulatory Challenges

Healthcare is one of the most regulated industries, and is committed to adhering to stringent standards like ISO 42,001. The company navigates evolving regulations both in India and globally, ensuring compliance to maintain high-quality products. Jain believes that rigorous regulatory frameworks will benefit consumers by ensuring that only serious, high-quality players enter the market.

Powered by Llama 3

Jivi MedX leverages the Llama 3 model, with parameters ranging from 8 billion to 70 billion. After extensive testing with models like Mistral and Llama 2, settled on odds ratio preference optimization (ORPO) to achieve the desired accuracy. Currently, Jivi MedX boasts an impressive accuracy score of 91.65% across nine benchmark categories, with continuous efforts to reach 95%.

A Collaborative Approach

Despite being an AI startup,’s team composition reflects a strong emphasis on medical expertise. Nearly 40% of the 24-member team comprises medical professionals, ensuring that the models are rigorously evaluated and refined based on medical insights. Jain’s first hire was a doctor, underscoring the importance of a collaborative approach from the outset.

Continuous Improvement through Data trains its models using domain-specific data from web scraping, medical journals, research papers, and clinical notes. This comprehensive knowledge base is continually updated to incorporate the latest developments in medical research. The company aims to ingest new data weekly, maintaining the models’ currency and accuracy.

Monetization Strategy plans to offer its advanced AI model to general consumers for free while developing a B2B segment. Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance providers can integrate Jivi’s product into their services as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering. Additionally, aims to generate revenue through premium services and cross-selling opportunities, such as connecting users to diagnostic services and selling medical devices.

Conclusion, under the leadership of Ankur Jain, is poised to revolutionize healthcare with its innovative AI solutions. By focusing on primary healthcare and leveraging cutting-edge technology, aims to make comprehensive medical support accessible to billions of people worldwide. With ongoing advancements and a commitment to quality and compliance, is set to transform the landscape of global healthcare.

Stay tuned for more updates on’s groundbreaking developments and their impact on the healthcare industry.

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