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Dr. Pranav Sharma

Dr. Pranav Sharma

  • Former Chief Medical Administrator(CMA) & Professor of Cardiac Surgery at U.N. Mehta Institute of Cardiology & Research Centre, Ahmedabad.

Dr Pranav Sharma has completed his medical education from AIIMS Delhi where he specialised in cardio-vascular surgeries. After completing his education at AIIMS, he started with a career in U.N. Mehta Institute of Cardiology & Research Centre, Ahmedabad. Rising the corporate ladder he became the Chief Medical Administrator at U.N. Mehta where he oversees the expansion of the hospital from 100 bed to 1200 bed in a very short span of time. After his stint in the corporate world, he decided to do something different and independent and start his own healthcare consultancy where he has helped hundreds of doctors and other healthcare professionals to open up new hospitals/clinic/nursing homes across India. He is based out of Ahmedabad.

Early Life

Born in a middle-class family with a medicine legacy (father- an ayurvedic physician and grandfather, a General Physician), medicine as a career came naturally to me.

I completed my medical education from AIIMS Delhi with a specialisation in cardiovascular surgeries. After completing my education at AIIMS, I started my career at U.N. Mehta Institute of Cardiology & Research Centre, Ahmedabad.

In AIIMS with friends

Life is not what you always expect. Early in my career,  I was diagnosed with YOPD- Young Onset Parkinson Disease. For a surgeon it was devastating. I was totally broken. But there is no way but to fight back. So I kept fighting it for the next 10 years while transforming my career from a surgeon to a professor to a medical administrator par-excellence.

The U.N. Mehta Institute of Cardiology and Research Centre, Ahmedabad

The progress of the institution and career was on the fast track and so was the progression of YOPD. I started having serious side effects and complications with the medications. I was popping 20 pills in a day to manage my work, the side effects were becoming worse than the disease itself. 

Finally, after much deliberation, I took a leap of faith and underwent Deep Brain Stimulation surgery (DBS) for 16 hours and eventually got the disease under control and got a rebirth

Dr. Pranav Sharma undergoing Deep Brain Stimulation surgery (DBS)




The rebirth with the grace of God

With DBS, not only I get a rebirth physically but also of soul and purpose. I decided that the second chance given by God should be used for some higher purpose and that is where I decided to do something to improve the healthcare infrastructure of the country with doctors and healthcare professionals as the centre of it and seed of The Doctorpreneur Academy was born.

About Me


  • MBA (IIM Ahmedabad), B.Tech (IIT Roorkee)
  • Former Scientist, Ex-Banker, Author, TEDx Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur

Ex DRDO Scientist, A former Banker, An Author (The Black Book) and TEDx Speaker, Mr. Amit Singh has done multiple things in a short span of time. Wearing multiple hats, Mr Amit Singh is an entrepreneur at heart . Being an engineer and MBA from India’s top institutes, it was very easy to rise in the corporate world and live in his comfort zone but he decided to travel the road less taken.  After spending 10 years in the corporate world, last being a banker where he oversees many big healthcare projects been funded, he quit the job world and started his entrepreneurship journey in the world of healthcare. He is based out of Ahmedabad



Life is not exactly a bed of roses for all IIT and IIM graduates. It is a misconception. Everyone has a story, I too have mine to share with you.

Born in a middle-class North Indian family means that you have 3 career options- Engineer, Doctor or IAS. So completed my engineering from IIT Roorkee and joined DRDO as a Scientist after some time. 



I was planning for IAS preparation but destiny had some other plans. In 2008, in a very freak accident, I lost my beloved mother. Within a span of 14 days, my world has changed.I was devasted and slowly deep grief became depression, without me able to understand what was happening to me.

It took me 5 years to fully recover from the menace of depression and get back to normal life. In 2013, after much struggle, I was able to crack IIM Ahmedabad and joined the 2-year flagship PGP program

I lost Her!

Me studying for CAT exams with Neck Collar. Due to prolonged depression, there were many psychosomatic diseases

I joined IIM A campus with a wife and a 3-year-old kid on the campus! It was aspirational to many as I broke the glass ceiling in people’s minds that in India, only freshers or a few experience guys do 2 year MBA. Good enough. In 2015, I got a job as AVP in YES BANK and I joined it and shifted to Mumbai. The story was picked by many business houses including Times of India, Career360, Business Standard, Economic Times etc.

Within a year, it was clear that a JOB is not what I wanted in my life. There was some vacuum within me that was killing me from inside. I was not happy. I was restless. Then one day, a eureka moment came when I realized that what I was looking is nothing but a sense of FREEDOM. Freedom to control my actions, destiny, growth, finance and life. After much introspection in 2016, I took the leap of faith, left my high paying job and decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship

The birth of The Doctorpreneur Academy

During all this turmoil in both of our lives and continuous fight back, we understood that we are given second chance by God for some higher mission. Both of us got trained in the best institutes in our fields and decided to give back the society with our expertise working for a larger common good.

We realized that the Indian healthcare system is broken and it needs some innovative solution to fix it.  We found that if healthcare is to be made assessable to 1.5 billion people, only government or big corporates efforts will not be enough.

We thought of doctors and other healthcare professionals as the centre of our solution. If we can empower more and more doctors with systems, processes and tools to open their own clinics or hospitals, then it could be a possible solution to fix the problem of quality yet affordable healthcare services to all parts of the country.

With this idea, “The Doctorpreneur Academy”  (TDA) was born

TDA is a community learning platform for all kinds of doctors and healthcare professionals with a mission to empower doctors and other healthcare professionals to become independent entrepreneurs. It means that we are trying to empower the local doctors in various parts of the country with systems, processes and tools to start, build and grow sustainable healthcare setups.

TDA as a community learning platform helps them to hone their leadership skills, know their technologies and collaborate among themselves to make a sustainable healthcare business that serves the people in their own language with the highest standards yet affordable.

TDA does not intend to replace government or corporate efforts but wants to augment them by filling the existing gap.

TDA sits on three pillars-4Cs-

  1. Courses (online and practical knowledge)
  2. Community
  3. Collaboration
  4. Consulting

Our MISSION is to empower 100,000 doctors/healthcare professionals to become independent entrepreneur so that every Indian has easy access to quality healthcare in India by 2030.

We also know we cannot do it alone. We will need people like you to take a leap of faith and join the community to help each other and help us to make healthcare more assessable to the masses.

 We need you, the country needs you and above all, humanity needs you.

 Come, join us in this noble mission.


With Love and Regards

Dr. Pranav Sharma

Amit Singh Moga

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