Healthcare and other industries

Navigating Other Industries’ Trends:
An Important Tool for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is a vast and varied one. The healthcare industry plays a central role in the lives and well-being of people around the world, both directly and indirectly. As this fascinating field develops, there are opportunities for professionals from all kinds of backgrounds. Healthcare industry is different from other industries. The health care product is ill-defined, the outcome of care is uncertain, large segments of the industry are dominated by non-profit providers, and payments are made by third parties such as the government and private insurers. Many of these factors are present in other industries as well, but in no other industry are they all present. It is the interaction of these factors that tends to make health care unique. But in today’s technology savvy world, lines between industries are getting finer.

Along with come up with revolutionary ideas to improve your healthcare industry, look to other industries as well. There are many concepts those have transformed financial, travelling, media and food companies which could be applied to healthcare. By implementing innovative ideas those have worked for others, healthcare organizations can provide a better patient experience, lower costs and improve the quality of care. So do not let you stop thinking out of the box as in every crazy ideas there may be brilliant one that sticks around. Here we have mentioned few examples of other industries, which healthcare industry should be considered and adopt.

1. Financial Services:

The finance industry is much like healthcare, can be complicated. This is an industry that can very quickly succumb to complicated fine print and (at least for the average customer) scary disclaimers. But that hasn’t stopped many financial institutions from focusing on ease and simplicity. From easy-to-complete forms to straightforward calls-to-action, many finance companies are doing their best to get customers the content they need as quickly as possible, without any fuss.

Consider: Figure out what your audience needs most, and create a clean, simple path to get there.

2. Meal-Prep Companies:

Yeah, meal-prep companies like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh provide a product (ingredients, product, etc.). But they are also providing content. And what’s great about this content, it’s essentially reusable. Whether it’s a grilled salmon and couscous recipe or an info card on the health benefits of kale, these companies are offering customers valuable content they can revisit time and again, even if they cancel or alter their subscription.

Consider: What content can you offer to your audience that provideson-going, evergreen value?

3. Travel:

What is the most important thing in the travel industry? Answer is, “Customer service”. All it takes is a glance at the news to see how poor customer service experiences can take a brand’s perception. Whether it’s a hotel, a car rental or an airline, quality customer service is the cornerstone of success. And if it’s not truly authentic (and consumers can tell these days), your customers have all the tools they need to bring you down, an internet connection and a smartphone. But give them the attention and care they crave, and they’ll be just as quick to be your biggest advocate.

Consider: What are some simple ways you can improve customer service? Shorter response times to email and/or social media, Follow-up, phone calls or Implementing user-friendly customer service surveys.

4. Streaming Media:

Whether it’s Spotify for music or Netflix for movies and TV, the streaming media industry has one thing nailed: personalized recommendations. Spotify uses your listening history to curate unique “Discover Weekly” and even “Daily Mix” playlists, just for you. And Netflix is always serving up the latest in TV and movie viewing based on your viewing history, reviews and more.

Consider: How can you create a personalized content experience for your customers? Well informed blogs and informative videos.

Key Takeaways:

To be successful in the evolving healthcare market an organization must,

Think differently: identify innovative ideas from other industries which can be applied to your organization.

Plan differently: use the lessons from other industries to create new operating models and implement which can lower the cost, provide more consumer centric care and quality of care. 

Act differently: Build a healthcare delivery system of tomorrow by continuously investing in new technologies, maximizing value of investment and develop a cultural within your healthcare organization.

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