The Secret to Patient Engagement: Treating Every Patient Like a Loved One

In the competitive world of private healthcare, the pressure is always on to stand out and attract patients. Managers strive to balance the intricate dynamics of insurance companies, medical regulations, availability of equipment, clinical services, and the skills of healthcare professionals. In this environment, there is often an emphasis on increasing patient throughput—encouraging doctors to […]
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India’s First Successful Rare Kidney Autotransplant Surgery: A Milestone at AIIMS Delhi

Introduction In a groundbreaking medical achievement, a seven-year-old boy from West Bengal underwent India’s first successful rare kidney autotransplant surgery at AIIMS Delhi. This intricate procedure, performed on June 29, marks only the third instance of such a surgery worldwide. The successful operation not only resolved the boy’s severe health issues but also set a […]
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Government Panel to Review Regulatory Oversight of Nutraceuticals

Introduction The Indian government has initiated a significant review to determine whether nutraceuticals should be regulated under the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) instead of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). This move addresses various regulatory challenges and enhances consumer safety in the rapidly growing nutraceutical market. Current Regulatory Framework The […]
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How pigeon exposure can cause irreparable lung disease. Here’s what you must know

Introduction A recent case study has shed light on the severe health risks associated with long-term exposure to pigeons. The study involves an 11-year-old boy from east Delhi who developed potentially fatal allergic reactions after prolonged contact with pigeon feathers and droppings. Initially presenting with what seemed like a routine cough, the boy’s condition quickly […]
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Dr. Soumya Swaminathan Appointed Principal Advisor to Union Health Minister for National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme

In a significant move to bolster India’s efforts in eradicating tuberculosis (TB), the Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has appointed Dr Soumya Swaminathan as the Principal Advisor for the National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme (NTEP). Dr. Swaminathan, the former Chief Scientist of the World Health Organization (WHO), brings a wealth of experience and expertise […]
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Truenat Technology by Molbio Gains Global Acclaim at the 77th World Health Assembly

Goa, India Molbio’s groundbreaking Truenat technology has garnered significant praise at the 77th World Health Assembly in Geneva. This real-time quantitative micro-PCR system is revolutionizing healthcare by bringing rapid molecular diagnostics right to the point of care. The Global Fund, in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), has lauded India’s commitment to eliminating tuberculosis […]
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Haryana’s Major Healthcare Milestone: Free Renal and Liver Transplants up to ₹3 Lakh

In a significant move to improve healthcare accessibility, the Haryana government has approved a groundbreaking initiative to provide free renal and liver transplants up to ₹3 lakh for eligible patients. This initiative, approved by Haryana Chief Minister Nayab Singh Saini under the Mukhya Mantri Muft Ilaj Yojana (MMMIY), aims to alleviate the financial burden of […]
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