How a homeopathic doctor embraced digital technology to become a new-age digital homeopath!

Dr. Samidha Rumade, a distinguished homeopathic doctor practicing in Palghar, Maharashtra, has not only embraced digital technology but has also diversified her clinical practice. Coming from a family of doctors, Dr. Rumade had a dream of becoming a true digital doctor, a dream that became a reality after she joined The Doctorpreneur Academy. In this insightful interview, she shares her journey, challenges, and valuable insights.

  1. How did the belief in homeopathy start? 

Dr. Rumade explains that her father’s open-minded approach toward different systems of medicine, coupled with early exposure to homeopathic practices, influenced her belief in homeopathy. She highlights the importance of having inspirational figures and heroes in one’s life, which played a crucial role in shaping her career path.

  1. Importance of Entrepreneurial Mindset

The conversation shifts to the significance of an entrepreneurial mindset. Dr. Rumade emphasizes that traditional medical education often lacks teachings on entrepreneurship. The Doctorpreneur Academy, focusing on leadership, marketing, and advertisement, provides much-needed guidance to doctors aspiring to run their practice as entrepreneurs.

  1. Leap of Faith  Going Digital

Dr. Rumade shares her leap of faith into the digital realm. With little prior knowledge of how digital platforms worked, she took the initiative to learn and build a digital homeopathic clinic. She underscores the importance of a team when going digital and the continuous learning process required in this ever-evolving field.

  1. Leveraging Group Learning in the Academy 

Expressing her satisfaction with The Doctorpreneur Academy, Dr. Rumade commends the supportive community and the accessibility to experts. She highlights the importance of being active in the community, asking questions, and benefiting from the collective knowledge and experience of fellow members.

  1. The Business Model for Doctors

Dr. Rumade discusses the three essential components of a successful business model: front end (core idea), main course (one-on-one consultations), and back end (membership for ongoing support). She applies this framework to her specialization, aiming to provide happy, healthy hair through homeopathy.

  1. Tips for Online Brand Building

The interview touches upon the significance of online brand building. Dr. Rumade stresses the importance of a website, SEO, and the role of images in conveying a brand’s message effectively. She credits the academy for enhancing her digital marketing skills.

  1. Importance of a Website

Elaborating on the significance of a website, Dr. Rumade shares her journey of learning about website elements, SEO, and effective communication through webinars. She emphasizes that a well-crafted website is crucial for establishing a strong online presence.

  1. The Decision-Making Process of the Patient

Dr. Rumade delves into the patient’s decision-making process. She explains the need for clear messaging and effective communication to help patients understand the value of homeopathy. Building trust through transparent communication is essential in gaining patient confidence.

  1. How to Increase Your Target Population

Dr. Rumade discusses strategies to expand the target population. Leveraging digital platforms, creating informative content, and actively participating in online communities are highlighted as effective ways to reach and connect with a broader audience.

  1. A Service Mindset Pays You in the Long Run

 The conversation concludes with Dr. Rumade emphasizing the importance of a service mindset in the medical profession. She believes that providing genuine care and focusing on patient well-being ultimately leads to long-term success.

Dr. Samidha Rumade’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of embracing digital technologies and entrepreneurial principles in the field of homeopathy. Her commitment to continuous learning and providing valuable healthcare services set an inspiring example for aspiring doctors in the digital age.

Dr. Samida also touched upon the significance of the 21-day video challenge, shedding light on the transformative power of videos in connecting with the audience. She encourages fellow practitioners to overcome their initial hesitation, emphasizing unedited videos’ authenticity and genuine connection.

“It’s the imperfections that make you relatable,” Dr. Samida notes, highlighting the shift in the paradigm of perfectionism to authenticity. Building a brand, especially in the healthcare sector, requires showcasing the real person behind the profession. For her, the digital space, and specifically her website, serves as a home where potential clients can understand her philosophy, approach, and the value she brings to the table.

The conversation also touched upon the broader landscape of digital presence for doctors. Dr. Samida stressed the importance of being searchable on Google, considering it a virtual introduction before a potential patient even sets foot in the clinic. The journey from local recognition to a global practice was exemplified by her experiences, with patients reaching out from Bahrain and other parts of the world after discovering her online.

Furthermore, Dr. Samida advocates for doctors to embrace the power of video content. While initially daunting, she suggests starting with a few recorded videos before sharing them. Feedback from friends and the online community can be invaluable for refining the approach. The key, she insists, is to start and gradually improve.

As we wrapped up the conversation, Dr. Samida left us with a powerful reminder that the digital realm allows practitioners to extend their impact far beyond geographical constraints. She highlighted the ripple effect of content creation, where even a single video or piece of advice can make a significant difference in someone’s life.

In conclusion, Dr. Samida’s journey serves as a beacon for homeopathic doctors aspiring to make a mark in the digital space. Her amalgamation of traditional healing practices with modern digital strategies showcases the limitless possibilities for those willing to embrace innovation and authenticity in their approach.

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