“Revolutionizing Healthcare: India’s MedTech Mitra Takes Center Stage in Boosting the Medical Devices Industry”


In a significant stride towards advancing the healthcare landscape, the Indian Health Ministry has recently unveiled a groundbreaking initiative – MedTech Mitra. This platform is designed to propel the growth of the medical devices industry within the country, with the ambitious goal of reaching $50 billion by 2030, as asserted by Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya.

The MedTech Mitra Unveiling

Launched virtually on a Monday, MedTech Mitra is set to play a pivotal role in supporting innovators and expediting the development and commercialization of innovative medical products. Mandaviya emphasized the immense potential of the medical devices sector in India and underscored the role that MedTech Mitra would play in realizing this potential.

A Helping Hand for Innovators

MedTech Mitra is not just a platform; it’s a guiding force for innovators. According to Mandaviya, the platform will extend assistance to innovators throughout the regulatory approval process. In a rapidly evolving landscape driven by robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality, and nanotechnology, this support is crucial for navigating the complexities of the medical devices sector.

Collaboration for Growth

The creation of MedTech Mitra is a collaborative effort involving key entities like Niti Aayog, the Indian Council of Medical Research, and the Central Drugs Standards Control Organisation. This collaborative approach is not only limited to its inception but is also envisioned to continue through the platform’s functioning.

Policy and Incentives Aligning for Progress

MedTech Mitra does not stand alone in its mission. It aligns with recent medical device policies and the production-linked incentive scheme, forming a triad of support for the medical devices sector. This holistic approach aims to provide the necessary boost for domestic manufacturing, fostering growth and sustainability.

End-to-End Guidance for Startups

For startups entering the medical devices arena, MedTech Mitra promises end-to-end guidance, making the journey from conceptualization to product development a smoother process. This support extends to bridging gaps and facilitating animal and clinical trials, ensuring that promising innovations can progress through each stage seamlessly.

Fostering Collaboration among Institutions

MedTech Mitra is not just a singular entity; it is an ecosystem. With over 100 institutions expected to collaborate on the platform, it represents a collective effort towards growth. This collaboration aims to fill a crucial gap by fostering partnerships between engineers, scientists, and clinicians – a synergy often lacking in the medical devices sector.

The Evolving Medical Devices Landscape

Mandaviya highlighted the rapid transformation in the medical devices sector, driven by advancements in robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality, and nanotechnology. MedTech Mitra is positioned to adapt to these changes by providing essential support for innovators in clinical evaluations and regulatory compliance.

Breaking Silos for Growth

MedTech Mitra is more than just a support system; it’s a catalyst for change. By breaking silos and encouraging collaboration among all stakeholders, the platform aims to catalyze growth in the medical devices sector. This approach acknowledges the interconnectedness of various elements in the industry and seeks to create an environment conducive to innovation.


As MedTech Mitra takes its place on the healthcare stage in India, the implications for the medical devices industry are profound. This platform, with its collaborative spirit, comprehensive support, and forward-looking approach, has the potential to reshape the landscape, propelling India into a leadership position in the global medical devices market. With MedTech Mitra leading the way, the future of healthcare in India looks promising, driven by innovation, collaboration, and a shared vision for a healthier nation.

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