Dr. Shyamala Prasad’s Ayurvedic Journey: From Traditional Practice to Digital Success

In the quaint district of Kasargod, Kerala, Dr. Shyamala Prasad, a seasoned Ayurvedic practitioner, has not only embraced the traditional roots of her profession but has also ventured into the digital realm, transforming her practice, and reaching new heights of success. Her inspiring journey, marked by resilience, passion, and a digital boost from The Doctorpreneur Academy, unveils valuable lessons for aspiring Ayurvedic practitioners.

Mumbai to Karnataka and Sports:

Dr. Shyamala Prasad’s journey began in Mumbai, where her childhood dreams were hazy between becoming a doctor and excelling in sports. Despite representing at the national level in the long jump, her heart has always been inclined towards medicine. Influenced by her doctor grandfather, she chose the path of healing and embarked on her journey.

Doing Various Jobs but Ayurveda Was the Calling:

After completing her BAMS, Dr. Shyamala gained diverse experiences in different hospitals. However, her true calling was Ayurveda, a holistic approach to health that resonated with her passion for healing. This realization set her on a path that eventually led her to the serene landscapes of Kerala.

Kerala Changes the Path:

Kerala became the turning point in Dr. Shyamala’s career. The acceptance of Ayurveda in the region and a transformative experience in a rural area ignited her dedication to the ancient science of life. Despite language barriers, she found success and acceptance, laying the foundation for her private practice.

The Vastness of Ayurveda:

Dr. Shyamala emphasizes the vastness of Ayurveda, a science encompassing not only medicine but also spirituality, relationships, and lifestyle. Explaining Ayurveda to patients became a challenge, but with effective communication, she witnessed the acceptance of holistic healing.

Things Falling into Place:

Starting her private practice wasn’t without challenges. Dr. Shyamala vividly recalls starting with minimal resources, putting up a clinic with just a curtain. However, fate seemed to favor her, and things fell into place seamlessly, from clinic location to patient acceptance.

Balancing the Money Frequency:

While understanding the importance of financial stability, Dr. Shyamala shares her approach to balancing the financial aspect of her practice. She acknowledges the significance of money but also emphasizes the satisfaction derived from treating patients, even those unable to pay.

Importance of Site Selection:

The selection of the clinic location played a crucial role in Dr. Shyamala’s success. Opting for a central location in the town proved beneficial, attracting a steady flow of patients and positive reviews. The strategic site selection became a key element in her practice’s growth.

Mentoring the Next Generation:

Passionate about Ayurveda, Dr. Shyamala actively mentors aspiring practitioners and regularly engages in sessions discussing spirituality and Ayurvedic principles. She highlights the importance of guiding the next generation to ensure the continuity and depth of Ayurvedic knowledge.

Doctorpreneur Academy Experience:

Dr. Shyamala’s entry into the digital realm came through The Doctorpreneur Academy. Initially skeptical, she found the academy to be an inspirational platform led by a leader genuinely invested in helping practitioners. The guidance and community support provided a valuable boost to her journey.

Winning Mrs. India and Writing a Book:

Diversifying her pursuits, Dr. Shyamala participated in Mrs. India 2019, winning accolades. Her decision to write a book on Ayurveda, focusing on arthritis management, reflected her commitment to spreading awareness. The book, though initially written, found its true potential through digital channels.


Dr. Shyamala Prasad’s success story is a testament to the transformative power of Ayurveda and the opportunities presented by the digital age. Her journey, from traditional practice to digital prominence, sheds light on the importance of embracing technology in reaching a wider audience. Aspiring Ayurvedic practitioners can draw inspiration from Dr. Shyamala’s experiences, realizing the immense potential within this ancient science and the avenues opened by digital platforms.

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