Healthineers Unveils Cinematic Reality App for Apple Vision Pro: Revolutionizing Surgical Planning and Medical Education

Siemens Healthineers has introduced a groundbreaking app for surgical planning and medical education, specifically designed for use on the Apple Vision Pro. Unveiling the Cinematic Reality app, the company allows users to delve into immersive, interactive holograms of the human body generated from real-world medical scans. This cutting-edge technology caters to a diverse audience, including surgeons, medical students, and patients, offering a unique perspective that aids in surgical planning, medical education, and facilitates patients’ understanding of procedures.

Available now on the Apple App Store, Cinematic Reality marks a significant stride in visualizing the human anatomy. Christian Zapf, the Head of Digital and Automation at Siemens Healthineers, expressed enthusiasm about the app’s potential for both clinical and educational purposes. Apple Vision Pro’s three-dimensional presentation, coupled with its flexibility and standalone capabilities, provides users with a realistic and immersive experience.

Key features of Cinematic Reality include the ability to zoom into intricate details of clinical images, enlarge content, and rotate around a rendering of the human body. The app incorporates two-dimensional reading tools like scrolling, eliminating the need for an additional computer. Siemens Healthineers emphasizes that this innovative app enhances the realism of visualizing organs and body parts, facilitating clearer explanations of clinical cases to patients, addressing clinical queries, and aiding in student education. Looking ahead, the company envisions the app playing a pivotal role in pre-operative planning and communication.

This development follows closely on the heels of Stryker’s announcement of the myMako app for Apple Vision Pro and iPhone, designed to complement its Mako surgical robotics systems. The myMako app, when utilized on Apple Vision Pro, empowers surgeons to visualize and review Mako surgical plans conveniently, reinforcing the growing integration of cutting-edge technology in the field of healthcare.

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