Navigating Healthcare Entrepreneurship: A Doctor Couple’s Journey from Training Abroad to Pune

We are introducing here two distinguished medical professionals, Dr. Amit Kale, and his wife, Dr. Preeti Kale. Dr. Amit Kale is an accomplished arthroscopic and joint replacement surgeon, while Dr. Preeti Kale specializes in obstetrics and gynecology with a focus on IVF treatments. Together, they shared their journey and insights on the multifaceted challenges faced in the healthcare sector, particularly in managing human resources and fostering team cohesion.

 Inspired by Their Parents

Both Dr. Amit and Dr. Preeti found their inspiration early in life, drawing from their parents, who were also in the medical field. This early exposure not only sparked their interest in medicine but also ingrained in them a deep sense of commitment to serving others.

 Training Differences: India, the UK, and Germany

Dr. Amit and Dr. Preeti’s medical training spanned across different countries, providing them with a diverse range of experiences. Dr. Amit, after completing his basic medical education in India, went to the UK for advanced training in orthopedics. He noted the structured and research-oriented approach in the UK, contrasting it with the hands-on, high-volume patient exposure in India. Similarly, Dr. Preeti’s training in Germany provided her with a unique blend of institutional and private practice experiences, particularly in IVF treatments. This diversity in training helped them bring a wealth of knowledge and varied perspectives to their practice in India.

 The Dynamics of Being a Doctor Couple

Being a doctor couple comes with its own set of advantages and challenges. Dr. Amit credits his wife for being the pillar of support, especially during his erratic schedules and frequent travel for surgeries. Both believe that having a partner who understands the demands of the profession reduces misunderstandings and aligns expectations. Dr. Preeti’s significant contribution to family management has been a cornerstone of their success, allowing them to balance their professional and personal lives effectively.

From Good Doctor to Effective Manager

Despite their medical expertise, both Dr. Amit and Dr. Preeti faced challenges in managing their healthcare facility. Dr. Amit humorously admitted that while he was confident in his surgical skills, his management abilities were initially lacking. Joining The Doctorpreneur Academy marked a turning point. The academy provided them with essential management training, enabling them to streamline operations, improve patient care, and expand their services to include an IVF center.

 Establishing an IVF Center

Setting up an IVF center presented unique challenges, particularly in marketing and resource management. Dr. Preeti emphasized the significant role marketing plays in IVF services due to the social stigma associated with infertility treatments in India. Furthermore, the high cost of maintaining advanced equipment and skilled personnel adds another layer of complexity. Their approach involves a combination of traditional and digital marketing strategies to reach potential patients.

 The Teething Problems of a New Setup

Starting a new medical facility comes with numerous initial hurdles, from obtaining the necessary permissions and meeting statutory requirements to recruiting and retaining qualified staff. Dr. Amit highlighted the extensive paperwork and regulatory compliance needed, especially in a metropolitan setting. Ensuring that all legal and safety standards are met was a time-consuming process.

 Corporate vs. Private Practice

Dr. Amit and Dr. Preeti also shed light on the differences between working in a corporate hospital and running a private practice. In a corporate setting, doctors often have more administrative support but less personal connection with patients. In contrast, private practice offers more autonomy and a closer patient-doctor relationship but requires significant managerial skills and financial investment.

 Keeping the Team Together

One of the key strategies Dr. Amit and Dr. Preeti have employed to maintain a cohesive team is fostering a sense of community among their staff. They organize regular team-building activities, celebrate festivals together, and provide professional development opportunities. These initiatives not only enhance team spirit but also improve job satisfaction and retention rates.


Dr. Amit and Dr. Preeti Kale’s journey is a testament to the importance of adaptability, continuous learning, and a supportive partnership in navigating the complex world of healthcare management. Their experiences highlight that while medical expertise is crucial, effective management skills are equally important in running a successful healthcare facility. Through dedication and strategic planning, they have built a thriving practice that continues to make a positive impact on the community in Pune.

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