From the Operating Room to the Stock Market: Meet Dr. Prashant Parate

Dr. Prashant Parate: Balancing Orthopedic Surgery, Trading, and Coding with Passion

Dr. Prashant Parate is a shining example of how diverse interests can be harmonized to create a fulfilling and successful professional life. As a highly accomplished orthopedic surgeon keen on share markets and coding, Dr. Parate’s journey is a testament to the power of passion and dedication.

Early Education and Medical Career

Dr. Parate completed his schooling and MBBS in Nagpur, followed by advanced medical training (Dior and DNB) in Mumbai and Pune. He then pursued fellowships in sports medicine, specializing in shoulder and knee surgeries. Currently practicing in Pune, Dr. Parate has established himself as a reputable orthopedic surgeon known for his expertise and dedication to patient care.

Introduction to Trading

Dr. Parate’s interest in trading began during his MBBS studies when friends introduced him to charts and the stock market. His curiosity was further piqued during a trading competition at VRC during his internship. This early exposure laid the foundation for his later endeavors in the financial markets.

Diversification and Learning

Starting with trading options, Dr. Parate faced initial losses but did not let setbacks deter him. He transitioned to investing in mutual funds and sought insights from peers in Mumbai. His commitment to learning led him to undertake courses in price action and options trading, significantly improving his understanding of market dynamics.

Over two and a half years of study, Dr. Parate honed his skills and developed specific rules to analyze and mark swing high and swing low points in the market. His dedication to mastering these techniques required significant practice and time commitment, ultimately reducing his market analysis time from 10 minutes to just 5 seconds.

Building Execution Tools

Dr. Parate leveraged his coding skills to build execution tools for stock market trading. He worked on the execution aspect of trading, including buying specific stocks and placing orders at opportune times. By using strategy and execution tools, he automated the buying and selling process based on preset levels, risk, and target profits, making his trading more efficient and effective.

Teaching and Sharing Knowledge

Recognizing the value of his knowledge and experience, Dr. Parate has conducted two batches of options courses and two batches of technical analysis, with a third batch currently ongoing. His commitment to teaching others reflects his belief in the importance of empowering individuals with the skills needed to navigate the financial markets independently.

Transitioning from Surgery to Trading

In his latest venture, Dr. Parate is developing a new course on trading the Bank Nifty index, incorporating analysis and execution tools. He uses innovative tools like the GAMMA app for presentations and InVideo for creating AI videos, saving a significant amount of time and enhancing the learning experience for his students.

Passion Over Money

For Dr. Parate, passion is the driving force behind his success. He firmly believes that passion in art or profession drives excellence, not money. By following his passion, he maintains motivation and achieves success, with financial rewards naturally following. His journey serves as an inspiration for professionals in any field to pursue their interests with dedication and enthusiasm. Dr. Prashant joined Doctorpreneur Academy, where he gained valuable knowledge on creating educational courses. This experience helped him develop and structure his training programs. Now, he effectively shares his expertise with others through well-designed courses.


Dr. Prashant Parate’s story is a remarkable example of how passion and perseverance can lead to success in multiple domains. As an orthopedic surgeon, trader, coder, and educator, he continues to inspire others to pursue their passions and achieve excellence. Whether in the operating room or the stock market, Dr. Parate’s journey underscores the importance of following one’s passion and continuously striving for improvement.

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