Revolutionizing Digital pathology: Microsoft and Paige Unite to Create Massive AI Breakthrough

In an exciting development, Microsoft and Paige have joined forces to revolutionize cancer care. Their mission? To create the largest image-based artificial intelligence models for oncology and pathology that the world has ever seen. This groundbreaking collaboration aims to construct an AI model with an unprecedented scale, trained using billions of parameters, enabling it to uncover subtle nuances within cancer images and advance the fields of pathology and oncology.

The project will incorporate millions of digitized microscopy slides representing various cancer types from Paige’s extensive clinical data archive. Microsoft will contribute its supercomputing infrastructure and knowledge to train the model on an unprecedented scale, with the aim of deploying it in healthcare systems.

This venture is part of Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to advancing AI in healthcare, following their generative AI partnership with Duke Health in August. The partnership aims to leverage AI to enhance patient care, promote health equity, and streamline administrative tasks.

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