“Journey of Dr. Smruti Hota and Dr. Laxmi Prasad: From Micro Niche to Super-speciality Hospital”


In the heart of Sambalpur, Odisha, a dynamic duo, Dr. Smruti Hota and Dr. Laxmi Prasad, have embarked on a remarkable journey in the field of healthcare. Both highly skilled in their respective medical domains, they chose a unique path by venturing into the realm of interventional pain management. In just six months, their Daycare Unit for Pain Management gained name, money, and fame in the small town. Now, backed by their success and the motivation from the Doctorpreneur Academy, they are set to elevate their dream by establishing a 30-bedded Super-speciality Cardiology and Pain Hospital.

Coming Back to Roots:

Dr. Smruti, after completing her MD in Anesthesia and a fellowship in pain management, made a conscious decision to return to her roots in Sambalpur. Her dedication to serving her people and her interest in interventional pain medicine became the driving force behind her decision.

Logistics in Planning a Pain Setup:

Setting up a pain clinic presented numerous challenges, including the hurdles of obtaining permissions and navigating through the intricacies of the healthcare system. Dr. Smruti overcame these challenges by finding creative solutions, including leveraging her husband’s credentials to secure permissions for essential equipment like the ultrasound machine.

Overcoming Initial Lack of Confidence:

Confidence is often the key to success, and Dr. Smruti candidly shared her initial lack of confidence when starting her clinic. However, she emphasized the importance of taking the first step, learning from experiences, and gradually building confidence.

Digital Marketing in a Rural Area:

Contrary to common beliefs, Dr. Smruti shattered the myth that digital marketing doesn’t work in tier-2 cities or rural areas. Utilizing platforms like Google Search and Facebook, she strategically boosted posts, shared patient success stories, and disseminated valuable information, significantly enhancing her clinic’s online presence.

Online Presence is Not Optional Anymore:

Understanding the power of the digital landscape, Dr. Smruti actively engaged in creating content, including short videos explaining procedures and addressing common pain-related issues. This boosted her online presence and contributed to her growing confidence as a medical professional.

Finding a Niche:

The couple’s success story emphasizes the significance of finding a niche in the healthcare industry. Dr. Smruti’s focus on interventional pain management, a relatively newer concept, allowed her to stand out and cater to a specific patient base.

How to Find a Location:

Following the advice from the Doctorpreneur Academy, Dr. Smruti meticulously chose a location for her clinic. Proximity to existing healthcare facilities and doctor’s clinics played a crucial role in her decision-making process.

Finding a Solution to the Money Problem:

The initial concern about financial constraints was effectively addressed through strategic planning, action, and consistent efforts. Dr. Smruti shared her journey of gradually clearing loans as her patient base expanded, showcasing that financial challenges can be overcome with persistence and dedication.

Mindset is the Key:

Both Dr. Smruti and Dr. Laxmi Prasad emphasized the pivotal role of mindset in their journey. Believing in oneself, taking calculated risks, and having a strong mindset were identified as critical components of their success.


The inspiring journey of Dr. Smruti Hota and Dr. Laxmi Prasad reflects the transformative power of perseverance, innovation, and a forward-thinking mindset. From establishing a micro-niche pain clinic to envisioning a super-specialty hospital, their story serves as a beacon of motivation for aspiring doctorpreneurs and healthcare professionals. The amalgamation of traditional medical expertise with modern strategies showcases the potential for growth, impact, and success in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

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