Dr. Sudhir Rakholia, MD and DNB, Gynecology Surgeon, and IVF Surgeon shares his journey of success

Dr. Sudhir Rakholia, a Gynecology Surgeon with MD and DNB qualifications, embarked on the journey of establishing his own IVF setup after training at the Armed Forces Medical College. In just over six months, he achieved his dream with the guidance and support of The Doctorpreneur Academy.

In a conversation with Dr. Sudhir Rakholia, the discussion covered various aspects of setting up an IVF center, including the requirements, challenges posed by new guidelines, the mindset of patients, equipment planning, and the future of IVF.

Key points from the conversation:

Requirements of an IVF Centre: 

Dr. Sudhir emphasized the need for a specialized and personalized approach in the field of IVF. He highlighted the importance of showcasing the clinic through social media, digital marketing, and identifying unique selling points (USPs) to connect with the community.

Challenges Due to New Guidelines 

The discussion touched upon the challenges posed by stringent guidelines for IVF centers, including the need for a three-year experience in a registered IVF center and the completion of 50 egg retrieval procedures.

Mindset of Patients

Dr. Sudhir stressed the significance of counseling patients, addressing their concerns, and maintaining open communication. He highlighted the need for a dedicated approach to patient care in IVF treatments.

Equipment Planning for IVF Centre

 The cost of setting up an IVF center was discussed, covering both infrastructure and laboratory equipment. Dr. Sudhir recommended a combination of Indian and international equipment based on specific requirements, with the total investment ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 crore.

Future of IVF and Franchise Plans

 Dr. Sudhir shared his vision for the future, which includes starting a chain of IVF centers through franchise collaborations. He emphasized the importance of streamlining standard operating procedures (SOPs) and processes for potential franchisees.

Digital Marketing and Website Development

 Dr. Sudhir acknowledged the role of digital media, Google My Business, Facebook, and Instagram in attracting inquiries. A well-developed website and active engagement on social media platforms have contributed to the clinic’s visibility.

Counseling Importance

 The counseling aspect of patient interaction was highlighted as crucial. Dr. Sudhir emphasized the need for effective communication and counseling, drawing on lessons learned from sessions with The Doctorpreneur Academy.

Balancing Society and Spirituality

 Dr. Sudhir expressed his commitment to balancing societal norms, particularly concerning gender preferences in childbirth. He conveyed the spiritual aspect of his work, aiming to contribute positively to society.

Leadership Role

 As he envisions the growth of his IVF setup, Dr. Sudhir recognizes the leadership role he plays and the need to build a cohesive and effective team for future expansion.


 Dr. Sudhir’s tagline, “From Negativity to Positivity, Journey of Hormone,” reflects his spiritual and holistic approach to fertility treatments, conveying the idea that positivity can emerge from challenging situations.

The conversation showcased Dr. Sudhir Rakholia’s dedication to providing specialized and compassionate care in the field of reproductive medicine while navigating the complexities of establishing and expanding an IVF center.

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