Mr. Nitesh Pandey, a non-Medico person achieved his dream of having a Collection Center of Thyrocare.

We’re thrilled to introduce Mr. Nitesh Kumar Pandey, an individual who transitioned from a non-medical background to a thriving career in healthcare. 

Nitesh started his professional journey with an engineering degree in electronics and communication, working as a junior engineer. However, a chance encounter with the pharmaceutical sector changed his career trajectory. He moved into the B2B pharma industry, selling devices to manufacture capsules and other products. This exposure sparked his interest in the healthcare domain, leading him to work for a pharma consulting company. 

Realizing his passion and potential, Nitesh took a bold step in August, leaving his job to pursue entrepreneurship. By September, he joined The Doctorpreneur Academy, and just three months later, during Diwali, he inaugurated his first Thyroid Care Collection Center in Mumbai. His vision doesn’t stop there—he plans to open 10 more centers in the coming years and even has plans to collaborate with a friend to open an eye hospital.

Nitesh’s journey is a testament to his risk-taking ability, quick learning, and strategic action. His unique technical skills and sales acumen helped him transition seamlessly into the healthcare sector. His story is an inspiring example of how taking calculated risks and being adaptable can lead to remarkable success.

Why the Transition?

Initially working in telecom, Nitesh found himself dissatisfied and switched to a company in the pharma domain, working on medical devices. His interest in sales and marketing grew, leading him to switch roles and focus on the international market. This global exposure and understanding of the pharma and healthcare sectors fueled his entrepreneurial aspirations.

Starting a Franchise

Nitesh chose to open a Thyroid Care Collection Center after noticing a gap in the market for affordable and competitive healthcare services in his area. He emphasized the importance of strategic marketing and customer acquisition, leveraging the modules and guidance provided by our team to promote his business effectively.

 Taking the Leap of Faith

Nitesh had always harbored a desire to start his venture. “That’s the exciting part,” he often said. He believed in himself and his vision so strongly that it gave him the courage to leap. When he shared his decision with his wife and parents, he explained, “If I have the confidence in myself to achieve my goals, you don’t need to worry. I’m the one taking the risk, and I know I can manage it.” Their unwavering belief in him bolstered his resolve.

He knew that overthinking could weaken his resolve. “If you’re 70% confident and you think about it for six months, you’ll end up only 50% sure,” he said. The best approach, he believed, was to analyze reasonably and then dive in with confidence.

Leaving on Good Terms

As Nitesh prepared to leave his job, he had just secured a million-dollar project for his company. His boss questioned his timing, noting the potential for higher incentives. Nitesh responded, “There will always be another project. If I keep waiting for the perfect moment, I’ll never leave.” Impressed by his dedication, his boss offered his support, saying, “If you need any help, I’ll be there.”

This experience underscored a crucial lesson for Nitesh: never burn bridges when leaving a job. He maintained good relationships with his former employers and colleagues, knowing he might need their support in the future.

Starting Small and Smart

Many people hesitate to start small, fearing they can’t compete with large corporate hospitals. However, Nitesh believed that every business has its own space in the market. Even in a market dominated by big players, there’s always room for quality service and personalized care.

Reflecting on how small stores thrived despite the emergence of malls, Nitesh knew there was a place for his diagnostic center. “In healthcare, not everyone can or wants to go to big corporate hospitals,” he said. “Many prefer personalized care, which small setups can offer with the right quality and affordability.”

 The Financials and Logistics

Starting his franchise didn’t require an astronomical budget. Nitesh began with a rented space to minimize initial costs, focusing on an area with potential based on thorough research. His investment included franchise fees, setup costs, marketing, and staff salaries. He estimated needing around 5 lakhs INR to start comfortably, ensuring he could sustain the business for at least 1 to 1.5 years.

 Innovative Marketing Strategies

Nitesh knew that marketing was crucial for gaining customers. While traditional methods like approaching doctors were essential, he also employed innovative strategies. He reached out to yoga centers, gyms, and local societies. Simple tactics, like having his technicians ask for directions to the center and then guiding people to it, created awareness. He also used local apps for targeted marketing.

Networking was vital. Building relationships with local health professionals and businesses drove referrals and built trust.

Hands-On Involvement

Initially, Nitesh was very hands-on, working extensively to ensure everything ran smoothly. For the first few months, he put in long hours daily, handling marketing, operations, and customer interactions personally. Once the setup was stable and the staff trained, he could focus on strategic growth.


Nitesh’s journey from employee to entrepreneur is a testament to the power of belief, hard work, and smart planning. With confidence, thorough preparation, innovative marketing, and strong networking, he carved out a niche in the healthcare market. His story is a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs: believe in your vision, work tirelessly, and maintain good relationships, and success will follow.

Vision for the Future

Nitesh’s vision includes expanding his current venture and eventually opening an eye hospital with his doctor friend. He aims to create a robust presence in the healthcare sector, continuously growing and adapting to meet market demands.

Nitesh’s journey from an engineer to a healthcare entrepreneur is inspiring, demonstrating that with the right mindset and strategic action, significant career changes are possible.

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