Iron Lady, Dr Sushma took a brave step by opening up a 75-bed Hospital in Ambikapur, Chattisgarh!

This is a story of sheer grit and determination of a doctor couple from the small town of Ambikapur in Chhattisgarh, A remarkable doctor and a decisive Iron Lady, Dr. Sushma Ravi, who, alongside her husband, has undertaken a transformative journey. Together, they have established a commendable 75-bedded hospital – Shri Mahavir Hospital that stands as a testament to their dedication and expertise. Dr. Sushma Ravi shines as a distinguished Gynaecologist and IVF specialist, while her husband brings his skills to the forefront as a proficient general laparoscopic surgeon. Their collective efforts have not only elevated healthcare access in their community but have also contributed significantly to medical excellence. 

Starting Small and Dreaming Big

Two years ago, Dr. Sushma was in a very different place. Reflecting on her journey, she said, “The difference between what I was two years back and what I am now is very drastic.” Initially, she and her husband were running a small 10-bed setup. Despite their solid medical education and experience, they felt constrained by the limitations of their small town, including outdated norms and inadequate facilities.

“From the very beginning, we were not satisfied with the working patterns and procedures. We wanted to follow the protocols we had learned during our ten years of medical education,” she explained. Financial constraints initially kept their aspirations in check, but they decided to start small, performing procedures according to their standards without dependency on others.

 Overcoming Initial Challenges

Their initial setup was modest, enabling Dr. Sushma to perform minor and major operations while her husband conducted laparoscopic surgeries. They gradually expanded their scope, introducing laparoscopic surgeries which received a positive response from patients. However, they faced several limitations due to the rented building’s infrastructure, including issues with water supply, electricity, and space.

“We started facing difficulties because of the limitations with the number of beds. We couldn’t expand, and it restricted our growth,” she recalled. Despite these challenges, they continued to dream big.

 The Trigger for Expansion

Dr. Sushma and her husband realized that their potential was not being fully utilized in their small setup. “I thought, if I have done my post-graduation from Delhi and learned so much, why waste it in a place where I can’t implement my knowledge?” she said. The increasing number of patients and their feedback highlighted the need for a larger and better-equipped facility.

Their patients often commented on the cramped conditions and lack of amenities. “These things hurt me. I was doing my best, but the infrastructure was not up to the mark. I knew I had to get out of this and improve,” she shared.

 Transitioning to a Bigger Setup

The decision to expand was driven by the realization that their small setup could no longer meet the growing demands. They began planning meticulously, involving architectural experts to design a hospital that would meet their high standards. “We were in the very beginning stage, and we wanted everything to be perfect. We were unaware of the challenges we would face,” she admitted.

At this critical juncture, Dr. Sushma discovered The Doctorpreneur Academy and decided to join. “I feel so lucky that during the initial stages, I came across you guys. You addressed our main concerns and gave straightforward, practical advice,” she said.

Leveraging Expert Guidance

Joining our community provided Dr. Sushma with the guidance and support she needed. “We discussed financial planning, architectural maps, and other critical aspects. The regular calls and consultations were invaluable,” she mentioned. The advice helped them avoid potential pitfalls and make informed decisions.

One significant turning point was when they were about to make a major financial mistake. “We were about to make some wrong decisions due to stress and financial pressure. Your guidance was golden. You helped us understand that every debt could be cleared within 15-16 months. That advice was exactly what we needed,” she recalled.

Achieving Success and Looking Ahead

Today, Dr. Sushma and her husband are successfully running their 75-bed hospital in Ambikapur. Their journey from a small 10-bed setup to a fully equipped hospital is a testament to their determination, hard work, and willingness to seek and apply expert advice.

Their story is a powerful reminder that starting small is not a limitation but a stepping stone to greater achievements. By recognizing their potential, seeking the right guidance, and making informed decisions, they transformed their dream into reality.

We hope Dr. Sushma’s journey inspires you as much as it has inspired us. If you have any questions or need advice on a similar path, feel free to ask below this video. 

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