Digital Revolution in Healthcare: Over 3 Crore OPD Registrations through ABHA-Based Scan and Share Service

The National Health Authority (NHA) has marked a groundbreaking achievement with over 3 crore OPD registrations generated through the ABHA-based Scan and Share service. Launched under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) in October 2022, this service transforms how patients register for outpatient appointments, making healthcare more accessible and efficient, especially for vulnerable groups.

Transforming Patient Experience

The Scan and Share service is a game-changer for patients. By simply scanning a QR code at the OPD registration counter, patients can instantly share their ABHA profile for registration, bypassing the need to wait in long lines. This digital, paperless solution is particularly beneficial for the elderly, pregnant women, and individuals with mobility challenges.

Widespread Implementation Across India

Currently, the Scan and Share service is operational in over 5,435 healthcare facilities across 546 districts in 35 States and Union Territories. It has become a daily routine for an average of 1.3 lakh individuals, showcasing its popularity and usefulness. States like Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Jammu & Kashmir lead in adoption, with Uttar Pradesh alone generating 92.7 lakh tokens.

Efficiency and Accessibility

Government hospitals, including AIIMS in Delhi and those in Bhopal, Prayagraj, and Raipur, have shown exceptional performance in using the Scan and Share service. AIIMS New Delhi alone has generated 14.9 lakh tokens. These facilities have significantly enhanced their registration processes, reducing waiting times and making patient visits more efficient.

Incentives and Future Expansion

To encourage further adoption of this service, the NHA provides financial incentives through the Digital Health Incentive Scheme (DHIS). This scheme rewards hospitals and Digital Solution Companies (DSCs) for implementing ‘Scan and Share’ transactions and generating electronic health records.

Looking ahead, the NHA plans to extend the Scan and Share service to pharmacy counters and laboratories. Upcoming features like ‘Scan and Pay’ and ‘Scan and Send’ will further enhance the patient experience. ‘Scan and Pay’ will allow patients to pay for tests or medicines directly through their app, eliminating payment queues. ‘Scan and Send’ will enable easy sharing of health records, such as prescriptions or lab reports, by scanning a QR code.

CEO’s Perspective

NHA’s CEO highlights the transformative impact of digital healthcare services: “The Scan and Share service is a significant step under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission to make healthcare more accessible and efficient. By eliminating paperwork and reducing waiting times, we are making hospital visits smoother for about 1,30,000 patients daily. This service particularly benefits vulnerable groups and those needing urgent care, reflecting ABDM’s dedication to enhancing healthcare through digital solutions.”


The ABHA-based Scan and Share service represents a significant advancement in India’s healthcare system, making patient registration faster, more convenient, and more efficient. Its growing adoption across the country underscores its effectiveness in enhancing healthcare accessibility and delivery. With continued innovation and expansion, the future of digital healthcare looks promising.

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