Karnataka’s New Measure to Identify Genuine Medical Practitioners: Color-Coded Boards for Private Hospitals

The Karnataka Health Department has introduced a new directive aimed at combating the presence of fake medical practitioners. To ensure that patients receive care from qualified professionals, all private medical practitioners must now display color-coded boards with important registration details in front of their establishments.

New Requirements for Private Hospitals

Color-Coded Boards: The directive requires private hospitals to install color-coded boards displaying their registration details. These boards will have:

– Blue for Allopathy Practitioners

– Green for Ayurvedic Practitioners

These boards must show the Karnataka Private Medical Establishment (KPME) registration number, the name of the institution, the owner, and other relevant details. This move aims to make it easier for patients to verify the credentials of the healthcare providers they visit.

Compliance Deadline: Private medical establishments must comply with this directive or face strict action under Section 19(5) of the KPME Amendment Act 2017. This section mandates penalties for non-compliance, reinforcing the importance of displaying the required information prominently.

Details of the Circular

What Must Be Displayed: According to the circular issued by Health Commissioner Randeep D., every private medical establishment must clearly display:

– The name of the owner or manager

– The KPME registration certificate

– The system of medicine practiced

– The services available

This information should be placed in a prominent spot within the hospital premises for easy access and visibility to the public.

Addressing Unauthorized Practices:

The circular also highlights issues with unauthorized establishments practicing non-recognized systems of medicine, such as traditional remedies, vamshaparamparika, cupping therapy, and others not classified under the KPME Act. These practices are not legally recognized as medical treatments and should not be advertised or practiced under the guise of legitimate medical care.

Purpose and Benefits

Weeding Out Quacks: The main goal of this directive is to help patients easily identify genuine medical practitioners and avoid quacks or unqualified individuals posing as healthcare providers. This measure enhances transparency and trust in the healthcare system, ensuring that patients receive care from qualified professionals.

Simplifying Identification: The color-coded system and detailed display boards provide a straightforward way for patients to verify the type of medical care offered at a facility. This clarity helps patients make informed decisions about where to seek treatment.


This new directive by the Karnataka Health Department marks a significant step towards ensuring that only qualified medical practitioners provide care to patients. By requiring private hospitals to display color-coded boards with essential registration details, the department aims to protect patients from fraudsters and improve the overall trust and transparency in the healthcare system.

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