Truenat Technology by Molbio Gains Global Acclaim at the 77th World Health Assembly

Goa, India

Molbio’s groundbreaking Truenat technology has garnered significant praise at the 77th World Health Assembly in Geneva. This real-time quantitative micro-PCR system is revolutionizing healthcare by bringing rapid molecular diagnostics right to the point of care. The Global Fund, in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), has lauded India’s commitment to eliminating tuberculosis (TB) through innovative approaches like Truenat and other digital technologies.

A Game Changer in Molecular Diagnostics

Truenat is a portable, battery-operated diagnostic tool that can be used in various settings, including laboratories, primary health centers, and even remote field locations. Its ability to provide quick and accurate diagnostics has made it an essential tool in decentralizing and democratizing access to healthcare. This WHO-approved device is infrastructure-independent, offering a complete end-to-end solution for disease diagnosis, even in the harshest conditions and remotest areas worldwide.

Recognition at the World Health Assembly

At the assembly, The Global Fund highlighted India’s pioneering initiatives in the TB program. The use of Truenat machines and handheld X-ray devices in challenging operational environments has set a benchmark for global emulation. These innovations are part of India’s broader strategy to eliminate TB by raising mass awareness and intensively monitoring programs using digital technologies.

Union Health Secretary Apurva Chandra, who attended the convention, emphasized the importance of continued support from the Global Fund to strengthen public health systems’ capacities. The recognition of Truenat technology at such a prestigious platform underscores the impact of India’s efforts in the global fight against TB.

Truenat: Decentralizing Healthcare Access

The Truenat system’s portability and independence from extensive infrastructure make it a versatile tool for various healthcare environments. It enables healthcare providers to perform rapid and accurate diagnostics directly at the point of care, which is crucial for timely treatment and management of infectious diseases. By decentralizing diagnostic capabilities, Truenat is helping to democratize healthcare access, ensuring that even the most remote and underserved populations receive essential medical services.

A Visionary Approach to Global Health

Sriram Natarajan, Founder and CEO of Molbio, expressed his pride in seeing Truenat receive global validation. He stated, “As a CEO, witnessing our homegrown product win global validation is not just a testament to our innovation but a reaffirmation of our commitment to excellence. It is a proud moment that underscores the power of relentless pursuit and collective dedication towards creating impactful solutions that resonate on a global scale.”


Molbio’s Truenat technology is not only transforming healthcare in India but also setting new standards for global health innovations. Its recognition at the 77th World Health Assembly highlights the importance of innovative solutions in combating infectious diseases and improving healthcare access worldwide. As India continues to pioneer advancements in healthcare, technologies like Truenat serve as shining examples of how innovation can drive significant positive change in global health.

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